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Cooperation Network The early development and research of virtual power plants through innovative development, as well as in conjunction with the improving technological competence of the network partners, can provide: training and research opportunities, regional benefits and value, as well as added national sales and business possibilities.


Demonstration Project
Demonstration region for virtual power plants at the university campus Reutlingen. The project is being implemented with the University of Reutlingen, the University of Tübingen and seven small to medium-sized enterprises/partners.


Cooperation Model

The cooperation model is intended to elaborate cooperation based on the model of an industrial symbiosis and to develop the necessary tools for the operation of such a structured virtual power plant.


Control Box

In the project control box, a working group in the cooperation network is working on the further development of the idea of an innovative control box. The network partners involved with the formulation of a novel concept and the idea of an innovative overall product with the working name “control box” based on their own experience and through conducting a market analysis, in a ZIM project application.

Automated Cable Distribution

In a city district of Reutlingen with a high proportion of decentralized production with PV plants and cogeneration plants, FairNetz would like to explore together with the Reutlingen University of Applied Sciences whether it would make sense to equip cable distributors with (automated) remote-controlled switches so that the load distribution and load flow in the local area network can be improved, and thus the voltage bands can be maintained.