Demonstration Page

The Virtual Power Plant Neckar-Alb is set up and operated on the campus of the Reutlingen University of Applied Sciences in the demonstration project. The project is being implemented with the Reutlingen University of Applied Sciences, the University of Tübingen and five small and medium-sized enterprises.

The program named Smart Grids and Storage is funded by the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Energy Economics of Baden-Württemberg from 16.10.2015 – 15.10.2019.

The Neckar-Alb virtual power plant consists of central and decentralized information management systems and includes numerous energy devices, such as a powerful CHP unit, innovative PVT collectors, a battery accumulator, the first charging columns at the university campus and other devices. The central element is a sophisticated control system, with which the produced and required energy can be used and traded optimally.

The expansion of renewable, but weather-dependent energy producers is gaining in importance as protection against overloading of power grids and energy-efficient handling. Therefore, virtual power plants represent important components for the energy supply of the future.