Your opportunity to participate

You’re interested in:

  • Load management on network level and security of supply
  • Demand-side management
  • Tri-generation
  • Capacity marketing via the regulatory services market
  • Design of a new, modern energy supply system

They give us an insight into your energy systems and we determine your potential for the connection to a virtual power plant.

The procedure in detail:

  1. Our project partner introduces you to the energy systems and carries out a short check in your “Energy Efficiency” knowledge.
  2. Your equipment and installations are determined which are relevant for a virtual power plant. Together with you, we plan the measurement, control and regulation concept. With simulation tools, we can make a pre-calculation in the individual case just come with us into the conversation!
  3. We will arrange with you the period of time for which your energy data will be made available to the project. The data you provide energy balances, current loads, and recorded readings.
  4. You will receive a connection box and the connection to the Virtual Power Plant Neckar-Alb. These units are free of charge for you, but they may incur additional costs for possible measurements.
  5. For your participation in the Virtual Power Plant Neckar-Alb, you will receive a certificate at the end of the term. From this, individual information emerges that shows your potential in a virtual power plant. We produce a report on your energy consumption and propose improvements.